dearest darrell {2 months old}

Dear Darrell,

Mommy's little boy! My love for you grow more and more each day. You are 2 months old! Wow... I can hardly believe that my breast milk is the one and only thing that you ate and what makes you grow.

For the past few weeks, we've been trying to learn to differentiate the sound and tone of your cry. You would cry when you're hungry and sleepy. You don't really cry when you have a wet or dirty diaper. Your hair also started falling out. You also smile more! You are still exclusively breastfeeding up to this point. Breastfeeding has been tough for mommy. My goal is to breastfeed you exclusively for 6 months. That sounded so easy when I made that goal a few months ago, long before you came along :) It's been getting easier and easier for the past few weeks, though! I'm getting the hang of it and it doesn't feel too painful for me anymore.

Your sleep is still inconsistent for the most part. You can sleep for anytime between 1-4 hours stretch, with 2 hours stretch most of the time. You've been nursing to sleep and on most days you sleep on my chest. Whenever I put you down to your bassinet next to our bed, you would wake up and cry, so mostly I like to keep you close to me on my chest. After a few weeks, mommy just figured out that you REALLY need to be burped as soon as you finished nursing. Otherwise, you would wake up crying because your tummy hurts. We've also been nursing you on-demand and we don't create a set schedule for you. It's been quite hard for mommy this way and a lot of times daddy feels a bit helpless too. Sometimes daddy also help feeding you with the bottle.

{Darrell's milk-drunk face}

During your second month, this is what mommy noticed.
Things you like: nursing, milk, being outside (looking at the "outdoor world")
Things you dislike: diaper change, tummy time, being swaddled, bath time

{Bath time that he hates}

No matter how hard it has been for me, you are truly the best gift in our lives. I even wonder why didn't we decide to have you sooner! :) But of course everything happened for good in God's beautiful time.

Mommy who loves you very much

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