I'm coveting this swaddling blanket from Woombie. So far, we have been swaddling him with the traditional square swaddling blanket and we've also used the velcro one occasionally. I got tired of having to re-swaddle him every single time he wakes up at night. For some reason, I just can't get the hang of swaddling. David is actually much better at swaddling, but he doesn't always wake up at night.

This Woombie swaddling blanket uses a stretchy fabric with zipper in the middle. It also allows for natural movement, but still keeping baby snug and tight. The problem with swaddling Darrell is that he seems to be irritated with being confined in the swaddle, but when I un-swaddle him, he screams and cries even harder.

The Deluxe Dinosaur Woombie is too cute! :)

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