love at the first sight.

I finally saw my baby, and I fell in love!

We were literally counting down the days for our OB appointment and we were SO disappointed that the OB office was closed yesterday (our appointment day!) due to the snow/ice storm. It's been a terribly icy week and I don't blame them. I kinda expected that and they were very courteous enough to call us and let us know the day before that they were most probably going to be closed on Wednesday.

This morning, they called us and they were able to have me come in the afternoon! I was so excited and forgot about the whole snow storm deal.

We like our OB so far. She seemed to be a really nice person. She seemed confident and genuine. It was such a quick appointment, though. I guess they probably had to fit a lot of patient from yesterday to today's time, so I felt a bit rushed, but no big deal. She did a vaginal ultrasound, which was uncomfortable, but at this point I'd do anything to see my baby on the screen :)

And there he/she was.

It was a little surreal. I could only look at the screen but at the corner of my eyes, I could see David smiling wide and beaming. He didn't hide his joy and so did I.

Our OB said that our baby is healthy and has excellent heart rate. SO glad and relieved to hear this, considering I'm not sure if my daily diet has been good enough for baby lately (although I never miss taking my prenatal vitamin, no matter how sick it makes me feel). I don't know the heart rate measurement for sure, which reminds me I should probably ask next time. Well, she probably did mention it at some point but it was all a bit blurry since I paid attention to the screen most of the time :)


The all day sickness.

{image credit: papercraftsbyk}

We all know that being pregnant is almost always associated with the morning sickness. I guess I finally experienced it myself. I think it's very misleading to call this thing a "morning sickness", when in reality it happens ALL DAY. People say that everything will get better in the second trimester. Well, I am now still within the first trimester, so it has been tough.

I'm feeling so miserable with the nausea and the vomiting. Thank God, I don't really vomit that much (cause I try hard to "hold" it as much as possible, since I put so much effort in eating already!). The nausea has been pretty bad, though. I have zero craving... I just don't want to put anything in my mouth, but I know I had to! I cringe whenever I see food or even watch a food commercial on TV. I haven't watched Food Network for weeks!

Another factor that makes it hard is because we can't tell anyone right now and let the words out just yet. We want to be 100% sure and get the confirmation that I am indeed pregnant, so we don't want to tell a soul until after we go to the doctor. We finally told our parents, though. I'm glad I could finally "let it out" to my Mom.

Well, meanwhile, at this time lemonade has been such a delight to my palate. Anything acidic, really. My favorites so far are the freshly squeezed lemonade from Raising Cane and Chick-fil-a. Eating fruits suddenly becomes the highlight of my meal. This is a GOOD thing, because I wasn't a fruit-eater pre-pregnancy. I also try to snack all day because I get queasy when I don't put anything in my mouth. 

I'm sure it will all get better soon. We can't barely wait for our OB-Gyn appointment next week!


A positive story.

 It all began early 2011. Like, really early. As early as the first week of January.

We have been trying since around October, but certainly not in a hurry. We thought that God would definitely bless us when it is time. Now, my period has always been longer than normal women, and sometimes unpredictable. I keep track of it with an iPhone app since we were TTC. I realize that I haven't got my period since November, but by end of December I wasn't thinking that I was late. I thought it's normal for me to be that late.

By beginning of January, my instinct says to get a pregnancy test. Something in my heart says that if I am pregnant, I want to know that immediately so I can take care of myself better. To think of it, before I knew I was pregnant, I did a few stuffs that are a BIG no-no for pregnant ladies. I made David a nice Christmas meal, sea bass (high mercury fish!) with white wine sauce, not to mention red wine afterward. We also went skiing at Colorado in December, and I fell a couple times. We also went to a sushi restaurant sometime in December.

Anyway, on the afternoon of January 3, I took the test.

I e-mailed this picture to David when he was working in the office. Although happy, we both still couldn't believe it though. The next day, we wanted to be sure, so I tested again and again. Same positive results.

We were so overjoyed! David was all giddy and smiley. We still don't want to spread the big news before we are convinced though, so we have to keep it to ourselves for a while. Can't wait for our OB appointment at February 9! It's been especially hard for me, because at the same time, my morning sickness started to show up. I've been feeling so miserable the whole time (and can't tell a single soul!), but that morning sickness is definitely worth another stand-alone blog post.

All in all, knowing that God trusted me to be growing this little human inside my belly is such a privilege in itself. My heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness and it got me a little teary eyed every time I think of it that way :)