love at the first sight.

I finally saw my baby, and I fell in love!

We were literally counting down the days for our OB appointment and we were SO disappointed that the OB office was closed yesterday (our appointment day!) due to the snow/ice storm. It's been a terribly icy week and I don't blame them. I kinda expected that and they were very courteous enough to call us and let us know the day before that they were most probably going to be closed on Wednesday.

This morning, they called us and they were able to have me come in the afternoon! I was so excited and forgot about the whole snow storm deal.

We like our OB so far. She seemed to be a really nice person. She seemed confident and genuine. It was such a quick appointment, though. I guess they probably had to fit a lot of patient from yesterday to today's time, so I felt a bit rushed, but no big deal. She did a vaginal ultrasound, which was uncomfortable, but at this point I'd do anything to see my baby on the screen :)

And there he/she was.

It was a little surreal. I could only look at the screen but at the corner of my eyes, I could see David smiling wide and beaming. He didn't hide his joy and so did I.

Our OB said that our baby is healthy and has excellent heart rate. SO glad and relieved to hear this, considering I'm not sure if my daily diet has been good enough for baby lately (although I never miss taking my prenatal vitamin, no matter how sick it makes me feel). I don't know the heart rate measurement for sure, which reminds me I should probably ask next time. Well, she probably did mention it at some point but it was all a bit blurry since I paid attention to the screen most of the time :)

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