dearest darrell {one month old}

Dearest Darrell,

My dear baby boy, you are one month old! In the beginning, I wouldn't exactly say that time flied so quickly. To be honest, It's been a tough month. Our first week with you was undoubtedly the HARDEST week in my entire life altogether.

{exposing Darrell in a lot of sunlight to clear up his jaundice}

You had jaundice during your first 5 days of life and we had to bring you to the Dr office back and forth. Dr told mommy to bring you near the window for sunlight exposure and to breastfeed you as much as possible to pass down the bilirubin level to your stool. That was not an easy task for me because breastfeeding was SO painful at the time. You were such a great nurser from the beginning though! Your latch has always been great, but mommy has just been in so much pain and no matter how great the latch was, it was still painful. I tried my best to nurse you as much as possible though. You ate A LOT! People say that baby boys drink more milk, and that's very true in your case! Thank God the jaundice cleared up on Friday when we brought you to the Dr.

Your cord stump fell on day 8. Your kungkung has gone back home to Indonesia when you were 11 days old. Kungkung had been helping us with cooking our meals and we were so nervous being left alone without help. You were such a tiny little blessing in our eyes that we were so scared to do anything wrong. Google has been my best friend for things like: how to change baby's diaper, how to bathe baby... etc. Your daddy and I were such a nervous parents. However, we also learn that above all the research we did, we try to trust our parental instinct best.

As far as sleep, you have been sleeping a lot on mommy's chest because that's where you sleep longer. You've been nursing to sleep for the most part. You're also not so much a big fan of tummy time. You were always so upset when we put you on your tummy to exercise. When you were 2 weeks old, we brought you to church. Everyone at church was so excited to see you. They were also really sweet for cooking meals for mommy and daddy. We were so grateful to have such nice and helpful friends in our lives.

You also have started to make some sweet coos. You also smiled at us! Also, you celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday with us! Daddy couldn't be happier to share his special day with you as well. We went to the Boiling Crab for lunch together.

During your first month, this is what mommy noticed.
Things you like: nursing, milk, being swaddled
Things you dislike: diaper change, tummy time, being swaddled

Yes, I really can't tell whether you like being swaddled or not! You were always so resistant when we swaddle you, but then you sleep better/longer with the swaddle. However, you keep trying to get out of the swaddle as well, kicking here and there.

I said that in the beginning, I wouldn't exactly say that time flied so quickly. My days and nights have been quite blurry these days. However, right now at this very first moment, when you were sleeping and I look at you, I just feel that time flies so quickly and you grew too fast!

Mommy who loves you very much

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