nursery progress.

30 weeks! Oh my... I'm a little bit in a panic mode now. Where did the time go? Well, we are currently in the process of preparing the nursery for baby D. Although he will be sleeping in our room for the first few months, we still want to get the nursery ready now, knowing that we won't have time to do it once he is born! 

I'm still trying to make my nautical nursery dream comes true. I'm planning to have those fabric decals on the above picture for the nursery walls. I've been cutting out those fish shapes from fabrics last night and spraying some Anti-Fray fabric spray for the raw fabric edges. I also tested a few adhesive method I researched online and decided to just use the iron-on double stick fusible web to attach it to the wall. Some people have used it in the past and it's permanent enough without leaving a mark when peeled off. That's a good thing for a renter like us!

Hopefully David and I will finally have time today to build the IKEA Gulliver crib we purchased a few weeks ago. That way, I have a good portrayal of the dimension and I can start on placing the decals above it.

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