nautical nursery.

At this point of my pregnancy, I'm a little freaked out of the fact that I made zero progress on baby's nursery. I have a certain look and theme on my mind, though.

I love the idea of having sea life or nautical themed nursery. I've also been gravitating towards turquoise, coral orange, taupe, gray and white as far as the colors. I'm thinking to make the nursery as light/white as possible in terms of color because we live in a small apartment and having darker colors would make it look even smaller :)

Below are some inspirations, taken from my Pinterest board. I'm coveting over that sailboat mobile and the sea urchin + starfish pillows, although clearly those items are out of our budget :) As pretty as these looks, I'm 100% certain David would prefer to allocate the decor money to baby's college fund, lol! We'll see what we can do with what we have. As long as our nursery is comfy and safe for baby, I'm happy :)

Sources: Ohdeedoh | Apartment Therapy | Hepstyles on Etsy | Somewhere Splendid | L'Affiche Moderne | Flensted Mobile |

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