things i won't miss about being pregnant.

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I thank God that I'm blessed with a great and relatively easy pregnancy so far. Other than the morning sickness during the first trimester, I haven't had any extreme problems or serious complaints. I even rarely have any question for my OB. However, there are some things that I certainly won't miss about being pregnant.

1. Feeling extremely gassy. I've been chewing so many chewing gum to keep me away from being nauseated, but then the gum makes me gassy, especially during bedtime. I'm literally a burping machine, nowadays. Last night I was so gassy and the after taste of the burps makes me nauseated and vomited 3 times.

2. Not being able to eat things. Sushi, tiramisu, other liquored cakes and desserts, are just a few things I miss. Nowadays, I really have to think about what kind of food I eat and even the contents or the ingredients. The other day I was eating Kimbap (Korean sushi) which contains egg, cucumber, spinach, pickled raddish, carrots, and fishcake. Then I automatically think, "What kind of fish is in this fishcake? Would this contain a lot of mercury?". I wasn't sure so I had to set aside the fishcake because I don't want to take any risk. Whatever I eat will be baby's food too.

3. Having to pee ALL the time. There was one time at night that I had to get up every 5 minutes to pee. Also, almost every night I have to wake up at least once to go to the bathroom.

4. Being able to exercise freely. My OB is very lenient about me exercising, and in fact she encourages me too. However, I'm a little paranoid myself and trying to limit myself here and there. Because there is no "set" rules for safety, I choose to not take a lot of risk and go with low impact exercise.

5. The over-abundant attention. I'm not so much a person who loves being the center of the attention, so this has been taking a little getting used to. I'm fine with people that I know who wants to rub the belly, would I'd definitely feel uncomfortable if strangers start doing that.

6. Feeling HUGE and not being able to wear this and that. I've been stressing out every time I get on the scale. I know it's good for baby to grow (of course!!!), but I have never been this heavy all my life and it's always a shock every time I get on the scale and see the number. Also, nowadays, I have super limited selection as far as wardrobe. I miss wearing my summer dresses.

7. Having a hard time sleeping at night. Sometimes it's the back pain, or the gassy feeling, or having to pee, or something aches. I've been having a difficulty to sleep at night.

8. The unpleasant "metallic" after taste in my tongue, no matter what I eat. Seriously, this one is so annoying. It's so hard to enjoy food these days. This is often what triggers me being nauseous and sometimes leading to vomiting. 

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