dearest darrell {4 months old}

  {Darrell's friend, Mr Crabby Guy}

Dear Darrell,

My baby boy! You are 4 months old! It has been an eventful 4 months for all of us.

End of November, we went to your first church Thanksgiving Retreat, which was also your very first long car trip (3 hours only, but still! :)). Then of course, you also celebrated your first Christmas with us. We went to see Santa at the Northpark Mall and your expression in your first Santa picture was just priceless :) We also celebrated Christmas together with our family church. So far, we didn't have any snow just yet, so no first snowy day for you.

 {First Santa Claus encounter}

  {First Christmas as a family}

For the past 2 months, you've been spitting out a lot. There was one day that you spitted out almost every time I burped you. You practically spitted out all day! That was something new for me and I was so worried. I asked your Dr and she said that you might have been drinking too much milk!  :) Well, no wonder you're getting chubbier and chubbier each day.

Your sleep is getting much better! I'm so excited the time you slept through the night for the first time! Daddy and I woke up one day and saw you still sleeping. I was confused and I thought maybe Daddy took care of you when you had your wakings. Daddy said, no! So the only explanation would be that you slept through the night. It didn't happen everyday though (in fact, it's very very rare), but now we know that there is hope! Your sleep is still not consistent and it can varies between 2 - 6 hours of stretch.

Things you like: nursing, milk, going out and about with mommy
Things you dislike: tummy time, bath time

Mommy who loves you very much

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